It is all about the choices we make in life: a review of Abhishek Mishra’s book Run to Realise

Good education in the best institutions, a professionally well-paying job, cocooned by family, and everything going well… what would drive a man with such a perfect recipe for a comfortable life to step out of his comfort zone and challenge himself? Maybe, these very factors!

As the famous author Roy T Bennett puts it:
If you always do what is easy and choose the path of least resistance, you never step outside your comfort zone. Great things don’t come from comfort zones.

And this is what Abhishek Mishra, Ultraman and Multiple Ironman Finisher, Amateur Indian Triathlete, Race Director of Herculean Triathlon, and the author of the inspirational book, Run to Realise did.

The book is unputdownable from the word ‘go.’ The more you read, the more you connect with Abhishek’s dilemma, and how he constantly oscillates between sticking to the goodies life already has for him versus realizing it the harder way. He ultimately chooses the latter and takes the readers through his journey – one that feels like each of our journeys too after a point. The only difference is that he chose the road less travelled and that made all the difference.

To say that his book is only inspirational would be an understatement. It is also a management lesson in itself. Something that budding entrepreneurs can take a cue from. After all, there are parallels between entrepreneurship and sports. From being an overconfident young man who underestimates the power of practice and execution, Abhishek’s metamorphosis into what he is today is a testament to what diligence, belief, and sticking true to one’s roots can do.

If I was to pick my favorite chapter from this book, it would have to be Abhishek’s 161 km Ultra Trail at the Rann. Apart from the fact that it is a vivid description of the run (and I was almost running with him along the trail), the chapter gives a positive dimension to the meaning of the word ‘struggle’.

I would sum up the book in few sentences.

  • Run for yourself – do things for yourself, not because someone or something else warrants it
  • Learn to distinguish between ego and self-respect, intention and intensity, reaction and response, and healthy confidence and unhealthy pride
  • Understand that fear is just a four-letter word and choose consistency over compensation

While it is good to bask in the glory of success, those who are consistent without being complacent, are the ones who ultimately realize and find their purpose in life. As Abhishek puts it: Only you can decide whether you want to be in the league of those who say “I can” or in the league of those who say “I can’t.”

Today, Abhishek is a proud runner, motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and founder of Tabono Sports, and one of the rare few who practice what they preach. Read along as Abhishek narrates every aspect of how running transformed him and his life.

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