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Happy reading!

How to read know more in less time?

I just don’t have the time to read is something we hear all the time. With our busy lives, it has become almost impossible to sit down with an informative book and read at a stretch. And yet, we live in the knowledge economy, where knowledge equals success, and reading has benefits that ... Read More

From first draft to final: the writing journey

Everyone in my family was startled when I took up writing seriously, in my twenties: I was a microbiologist by training, and nothing had prepared them (or me) for this radical shift in my career. To turn to writing, after having spent so many years training in a laboratory, seemed a waste. For ... Read More

It is all about the choices we make in life: a review of Abhishek Mishra’s book Run to Realise

Good education in the best institutions, a professionally well-paying job, cocooned by family, and everything going well… what would drive a man with such a perfect recipe for a comfortable life to step out of his comfort zone and challenge himself? Maybe, these very factors! As ... Read More